Car rental in Egypt

Car rental company "innvii"

In light of our great need to have a car for the purpose of moving from place to place with the inability to buy a car, in this case, the best solution is to rent a car for a specified amount of money for a period of time, and given the recent significant increase in companies operating in the field of car rental, and all companies working in this field are racing to provide the best of their distinctive services, and in this regard, innvii company is making many attempts to develop the services provided, in order to reach a high degree of professionalism, which qualifies it to meet all customer needs and requirements.

Car rental companies in Cairo

innvii is unique from other competing car rental companies, because it is distinguished by several elements, which makes it the first choice for all customers permanently, and one of the most prominent of these factors is the good reputation and good reputation of our company, with the testimony of all customers, our first goal is not to make money, but to get our customers ' satisfaction with the service provided and earn their trust, this is in addition to the advancement of the staff in dealing with the client with respect, in addition to the company following up with the client through the customer service team to respond to all inquiries and complaints, and the company also has many years of experience in the field of car rental.

Conditions for renting cars in Cairo without a driver

If you want to rent a car from innvii, all you have to do is download the innvii application and create an account by entering all the required data correctly and after reviewing your application and making sure the correctness and integrity of the data entered, you can choose the car you want to rent from the lists of cars available inside the application, but there are a set of conditions that innvii:

The renter must not be less than 25 years old.
The renter must attach a copy of the ID card in addition to a valid driver's license and a connection of electricity facilities, housing rent or water bill for individuals residing inside Egypt.
For individuals residing abroad, a copy of the passport and a local or international driver's license must be attached, in addition to a copy of the residence permit of the country of residence.
Does my age meet the conditions for renting a car

Anyone who wishes to rent a car from innvii can, but provided that he is at least 25 years old and has a valid driver's license, in order to ensure the safety of customers and in compliance with the laws and not to exceed them.

Car rental prices in Cairo

Our first and last goal is to achieve the customer's requirements without regard to material gains, we provide the service with the highest quality and the most appropriate price, so that it suits all customers according to their different economic conditions, our company takes into account the difficulties of life and daily pressures in the first place, in addition to the company offers daily and weekly discounts, monthly and annual discounts, for all its customers, besides low prices, we emphasize the quality of types of cars and their modern models, and it is worth noting that prices vary depending on the rental period, the model of the car, the events, the season.

Explanation of rental systems and their features in "innvii car rental"

" innvii " offers all daily, monthly or annual rental systems, and the renter gets special discounts, which are determined by the car owner
All cars in " innvii "are fully insured in order to preserve the rights of the car owner in addition to protecting the renter from paying expenses when any accident occurs in the car, which preserves the parties ' right.
The possibility of stopping the rent before paying the rent or canceling the car reservation at least one week before the start of the rental without paying any cancellation fees.
But if you cancel the rental a day before the appointment, you will pay the cancellation fee, according to the Anafi policy and terms

The steps of renting a car from "innvii car rental""

 The steps of renting a car from innvii  are very simple and anyone can do them through our application, as the application features an easy and simple destination and anyone can deal with the application and book the car they want by following the following set of steps:

First step log in to the application and make a login.
Then submit the required documents and your request will be reviewed and answered by Anafi's customer service team.
After that, search for the car you want to get and set the pick-up and delivery date.
After that, pay the rent through one of the available and convenient payment methods for you.
One of the company's representatives will contact you to arrange the pick-up of the car on schedule.
Advantages of car rental in Cairo from envy

There are many features that are unique to innvii  from all companies in Egypt, and the most prominent of these features are the following:

Providing many types of cars, including station wagon, sedan, van, coupe and SVU, from which you can choose the right car for your business or the place you want to go.
innvii  provides you with the expenses that are spent if you are renting a car and any accident happened to it because all cars located in innvii  are insured comprehensively.
You can go by car during the rental period to any place you want without referring to the company.
innvii  offers many discounts and offers (weekly-monthly) to its customers these discounts depending on the rental period.
Ways to contact the car rental office at Cairo airport

It is worth mentioning that innvii  has provided many ways through which you can communicate with her, the most prominent of which are the following:

Communicate with innvii via its app.
You can also communicate through the company's WhatsApp number or by sending a message through the official account of innvii on Facebook.
Or contact innvii customer service number and we will be answered by one of the customer service representatives to answer all your inquiries.
Download my  application

Anyone can download the envy application, which works on all operating systems, whether Android or iPhone, and install the application on the device to order your favorite cars at any time and from anywhere, and the application is downloaded for iPhones through this link

As for Android devices, you can download it by clicking here. http: / / bit. ly/40SyBU2

At the end of this article, we have explained to you all the information related to the Cairo car rental company, and we have also explained to you the ways to communicate with the company, and if you want to rent a car, do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond to you immediately.